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Innovating clinical measurements in rheumatology

using AI

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Advancing the frontier in rheumatology clinical measurements

Harnessing technology to improve diagnosis and support medical decision making 

Synovitis detection

Rheumatologists deal with chronic autoimmune disorders that present with joint inflammation. 

Med2Measure brings AI into the clinic by aiding physicians detect joint inflammation using imaging. 

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We are an academic startup with an aim to simplify measuring diseases 

Questions that keep us moving: 

- Can we measure inflammatory disease activity in rheumatology using machine augmented human intelligence? 

- Can we simplify data capture methods, refine detection algorithms for inflammatory arthritis to get diagnosed in the community?

- Can these methods help patients in pain by avoiding unnecessary travel to specialists?

Bringing healthcare closer to home 

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WUsing AI algorithms for detecting inflammatory arthritis on photograpgs would help:

- Save costs and discomfort of travel to specialists

- Reduce diagnostic delay in remote areas

- Reduce costs of unnecessary testing 

- Easier enrolment in clinical trials


Who We Are

About Our Company

We are a physician-led company that emerged from academia with a goal of revolutionising diagnostics and follow-ups for patients with autoimmune disease. We collaborate with hospitals, diagnostics and imaging labs and product designers. 


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Detection of arthritis



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Development of AI tools for disease monitoring

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